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Helping the Helpers - A List of DIY PPE Resource Links

Hey everyone,

Crazy times!  We hope all of you are safe and healthy, and we thank you for your work.

DIY PPE from Madison Supply

Around the country people are coming together to try to create a homespun solution to the personal protective equipment shortage.  The solutions range from high tech, using computer modeling and 3d printing, to low tech sewing machines being dusted off to sew masks out of cotton fabric.
In fact, our own personal 3d printer is humming away in the basement, 24 hours a day, printing PPE for local health workers, and our best friends are sewing face masks everyday for cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy.

We love it. We wish we didn’t need it, but we will always cheer when we come together to help our neighbors.

So, if you are looking for some way to help, here is a list of how-to guides, 3d files, etc. that will show you how.

Share with everyone you know who is sitting at home wondering how else they can help.  It seems like a big problem, one that can only be solved with big gestures, but like my dad always said…"How do you eat an elephant?  One tiny bite at a time.”

First things first! Reach out to your community, Facebook, Nextdoor, Instagram, email, etc., and ask them what they need… Some need masks, some need face shields, some need coffee.  Where the need is and where your skills intersect is where you can help.

DIY PPE at Home Resource List:

  1. DIY Medical Face Masks to SEW
  2. Step by Step Sewn Face Mask Production Guide
  3. 3d Printable Face Shield
  4. 3d Print and Assembly Guide Single Use N95 Mask
  5. Reusable, 3d Printable N95 Masks (this is the one we are printing)
  6. A Good List: 3d Printed Face Masks and what to collect and donate!
  7. A Great Article About the Best Home Face Mask Material Substitute
  8. Another 3d Printable Face Shield
  9. And Another 3d Printable Face Shield
  10. And Another Fabric Mask, Video!

Now, once you or your loved ones have made mountains of DIY PPE, give it away!!!

Thank you. For all you are doing, and for all you will do. 

Let us know if we can help.

Heather and Spencer, Madison Supply

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